What is the link between skincare and total wellness?

  • By Christine Newheart
  • 20 Oct, 2015
Hi Everyone, Hope you are enjoying the videos and information that I’m placing on my blog. This is information that I love to watch and do because they work hand and hand with skincare and massage. You just can’t have great looking skin without working on the body as a whole. Wellness means dealing with the body as a whole. In order to look good and feel good you must incorporate into your lifestyle all the elements that can accomplish this, spirit, soul and body. That means keeping active, eating good foods that promote clear and healthy skin and of course exercise.
A good attitude is also part of staying healthy and helps draw in positive people. People love being around happy people that have great information to share and look the part.
So this is what my blog is about, I enjoy sharing great information that has helped me to remain healthy, looking young and remaining active. So keep watching and please share your information with us. I love to hear and learn new things to do.

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