Meet The Team

Michelle Arce-Railey LMT, CLS
I’m a licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Laser Specialist. My goal in treating my clients is to create an environment that is welcoming, professional and comfortable that allows the client to be at ease and look forward to their treatment. My focus is on tending to the present circumstance concerning my client and making sure that the treatment leaves them feeling content with the results. I use various techniques learned through years of practicing in diverse work environments stemming from medical offices to luxury spas to achieve healing, pain relief and help them to de-stress.
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Christine Newheart Licensed Aesthetician, CLS
I’m a licensed Aesthetician and Certified Laser Specialist. My passion is treating the skin through new advancements in non-invasive technology in the aesthetics field as well as holistic approach. Holistic skin care promotes healthy, beautiful vibrant skin at any age and includes manual stimulation of the skin's muscles using natural and organic products to nourish the cells, not only of the face, but the entire body as well. Consistency is a major factor in attaining these healthy skin goals. Therefore, working with my clients to achieve these goals and create a regular treatment schedule to obtain desired results is my focus. These treatments are not only healing but also de-stress the client leaving them feeling completely rejuvenated and creating a unique experience for them. My many years of practice have allowed me to combine the results of non-invasive technology and a holistic healing approach with the pleasure of a luxury spa treatment.
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