Great Puerto Rican Seasoning - Sofrito

  • By Christine Newheart
  • 05 Nov, 2015

Spice up your favorite dish today

Puerto Rican Seasoning


Sofrito is a traditional seasoning used in Puerto Rican recipes. It is comprised of various herbs and spices used in foods including meats, stews, sauces, seasoned rice and beans and many other recipes. It’s difficult to find all the natural spices that are used to make this blend of herbs in Colorado, to bring forth this authentic Puerto Rican flavor to these dishes.  However, my daughter Michelle put together the herbs that are included in this recipe and just improvised other ingredients that complement this blend of herbs and add flavor to many types of dishes. Sofrito is also packed with vitamins and nutrients needed to support a good diet.

1 large onion

6 garlic clove

1 green pepper

3 or 4 mix (red/yellow, orange) peppers

1 bunch of parsley

1 cup cilantro

1 cup green onions

1 cup culantro (optional) find in international market

1 small hot pepper (optional) remove seeds

Add salt and black pepper to taste (optional)

Wash and cut long stems before adding to the blender. Blend and place in small container in the freezer (to keep fresh) or use ice cube tray.

Use 1 cube and add to your favorite meal.  

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