About AVIV Wellness
Our mission at AVIV Wellness, LLC is to take our time to learn about our clients and their concerns in order to address stress reduction, pain management and healing through skin care and bodywork treatments. We value giving our clients service performed with excellence to achieve optimum well-being.

How we are different than our competition
There are many choices when it comes to skin care and bodywork, however, we differentiate ourselves from the rest by individualizing treatments to accommodate what is most essential first with a goal of healing and outward results by combining various techniques to our treatments. Listening to the client is our best guide to determine proper treatment.

Meaning of AVIV- (a'veev)
Aviv is a Hebrew word basic meaning is the stage in the growth of grain when the seeds have reached full size and are filling with starch, but not dried preparing for harvest.( Barley grain) also refers to the season of spring (blossoming, young, spring harvest).
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